Cooking: This is the food making skills. The higher the skill, the more advanced they can cook food and to reduce the chance of DarkScape Gold burning. Foods such as meat, vegetables, beverages and the like.
Crafts: include sewing, cutting, making jewelry, glassware and so on.
Fire: You can use matchbox and wood fire. Paid members can point oil lamps used to light the dark cave explorers. But also to the special cremation remains to get the souls of the reward.
Making magic runes: meta-magic runes or pure rune to specific altars altar most players need to use a specific character magic compass Talisman or articles made therefrom to enter will be made from the corresponding magic runes to complete the "magic runes Zhiyi" task will be able to open. But the former did not actually complete the task, can be processed rune has just closed the acquisition yuan magic runes location, but this place can instantly transfer and arrival by specifying the magician after the completion of OSRS Gold the task.
Forging : Use the player from the mine to the ore mined by smelting became a metal block (bar). Then the piece of metal on the anvil, the iron hammer forged into different weapons, armor, foreign nails, arrows and so on.
Fletcher: Fletcher can be manufactured or crossbow arrows, darts. The method of manufacturing the bow, using linen, spinning into Old school runescape gold the bow , and use Daoke wood. Finally, the use of the bow on the unfinished bow and you're done. The method of manufacturing the arrow is to use a knife to cut into wood shaft, and feathers insert. Finally, put the arrow, you're done. This skill Paid members can earn a lot of money very fast time.
Pharmaceuticals: This is a herb, drugs can temporarily enhance certain skills players caused by some plants.

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