Walking: Players can freely through the mouse button, click on the screen to move the destination. (For more details, visible game Operation)
Running: Players can be set in the game himself in running the state, but the running time consuming effort, when strength is full of 100%, when the running time, the air force will be with the players carry items, and wearing clothes, armor size and weight of RS Gold consumption. The higher the player's agility pay grade, will be able to speed up access to the running of the air force. (About agility, please see the skill)
Magic teleportation technique [10]: Players can use the Philosopher's Stone, read out the specified magic, can instantly be transferred to the designated location. Players magic level, the more the number of instant transfer surgery can reading. Some require a high magic level, and is a paid members-only, read out to the other players can teleport to the designated location. Specific items have similar magic teleport effect. People will also provide automatic transfer service.Please visit: http://www.RSgoldaz.com/
Glider: This feature is currently only for paying members. After players complete "grand tree (The Grand Tree)" task can be specified through dialogue with the Dryad (gnome), you can use the service glider, fly to the designated place. (To use after some routes require players to Buy RuneScape gold perform other tasks)
Ship: The player can be designated to dock automatically through dialogue with the designated player (NPC), you can use a boat service to the designated shore. Players can also make your own canoe trips.
Subway: This feature is currently only for paying members. Finish "another piece" ham "(Another Slice of H.A.M.)" task can be used later by the Dwarf (dwarf) operations.
Hot-air balloon: This feature is currently only for paying members. Finish "blind journey (Enlightened journey)" after the task can use, they have to understand the rules of operation, after unlocking the route to reach the designated place.
Fairy ring: This feature is currently only for paying members. Get fairy godfather (fairy godfather) license after use - "the second part (A Fairytale Part II) myth" in. Staff after specific equipment, from a sub-ring ring sent to the mother, then the mother transmitted to Old school rs gold other sub-ring dial ring.

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