1. break point
(1) flare breaking point
CS T in the attack are often in war breakthrough players for the first time in contact with CT defender, here it relates to a complex problem Imagine people had been ready to wait for you in the back bunker and you were gone with time no matter what you wanted to think of tough marksmanship hit into CSGO Weapons Skins the case so is tantamount to Yangruhukou, so are often not yet reached a breakthrough flash first. But flash players lost the position and drop flares (critical) points, and teammate and threw flash breakthrough time later began to attack the players to grasp the can is crucial to be exact, the reason is very simple when the players throw after the flash you can not rush to attack because you probably will not be lost in vain to flash a chance to attack as well as chance you'll die, and you can not wait too long because that they were also "Fuming" your blessing in the past not ask for or dodge after just turned the light back to the perspective just on the point, so you have to just see him on the key points of flare light or has just been turned dodge flash to the decisive attack.

Of course, there are a lot of breakthrough comes with flash players, which we will test the use of O3, you have to learn to analyze your opponent might be in there, "waiting for you." But we do not know how perspective, this is the focus a. To learn empathy, if you are a CT would you choose which position in the card point Of course it must be to our own advantage, such as the location of the highest point or some other easily overlooked position, think of these positions is the appearance of O3 it is time to invest in a good position to those of the other side even if he had not been to flash to be unseated him from those who were against us the location, in order to achieve the change from passive to active field advantage.

(2) pull the gun line break point

What is actually pulling the gun line that is simple, it is to use his body to divert enemy fire to his teammates killed opponents manufacturing opportunities and time, of course, sometimes can play a role in luring expose their goals. But this does not mean that allow you to die despite the high risk of doing so, but if you can give full play to your own level of agility can let you receive unexpected results, we recommend using a spin jump, spin jump when a relatively high speed in the air than the ground speed, thereby enabling the other hit rate is relatively lower Hitbox this is a problem, Hitbox is the actual position of CSGOSK CSGO Skins the player, and the player with the screen in the air Hitbox show a big difference, so can effectively reduce each other's hit rate of. He said the line can not say pull the gun to fill the seats, and this determines the success of your "death-defying style of action" or not to fill the seats behind teammate is crucial, which requires mutual understanding good grasp of time control rhythm, several key points of convergence and so on. Then fill the seats can not be blind to not make before by voice to accurately determine the location of his teammates before the other player's position, then quickly attack that killed your teammates are threatening this personal and property safety of the enemy.


1. defensive point

(1) card bit
Speaking bit card is really simple use of the terrain, get yourself a beneficial effect design thing. But this is indeed the card may not sound like bits of consciousness can be perspective, marksmanship can be self-aim, but you can look at a person's station to tell that he is not a veteran. Everyone is a reflection of CSGO Skins the different possible you do not have your opponent reflect fast, but just because we do not reflect the people waiting for the opportunity to complete the fast did not win the game? Of course not, then a good location can help us to make up for this shortcoming. Here I must say a CS amount in a very simple principle of. Many CSRE call it near the far smaller, in fact, this argument is not well understood figuratively speaking at all times both at the same time to see each other, sometimes people may have seen you but half a body of you have not seen people this time is reflected in the clouds are also fast.

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